GUEST CURATOR - Lani Trock                                        

Lani Trock

Mar 22 – 26, 2021

Lani Trock is a Los Angeles-based artist and believer in the future. We first met beneath the canopy of a meditative, bioorganic installation she created at Hilde Gallery in Los Angeles. The contemplative and otherworldly space touched on all five senses, including an ethereal soundscape created from the electrical currents of plants in the space. But, however dreamlike the environment felt, our conversations remained grounded and deeply reflective of the current state of the world in all of its drudgery and toil. Lani balances an acute awareness of contemporary global issues with a philosophical optimism, and a desire to create the moments of change that she wishes to see.⁠

Lani Trock is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Through immersive installations activated by social practice & participatory performance, her work investigates & facilitates the human evolution into biosphere consciousness. Slow, non-linear, intuitive, and process-centric, she works with fragile, ephemeral & living materials, which resist traditional notions of commodification and insist on patience. Embodiments of empathy, mutual aid, softness, stillness and rest lay the conceptual foundation. Also a central tenet, omni-consideration prioritizes for all kind, well-being over productivity and planetary health over profit. Holding an awareness of the universe as a fundamentally interconnected, symbiotic organism, all aspects are honored as equally valuable in their unique contribution to the collective whole. Her work envisions radically innovative future paradigms, that embody a cultural shift away from scarcity, commodification and competition, in favor of abundance, collaboration and mutual benefit. She received a BA in Philosophy from UC Santa Cruz in 2006 and has resided in Los Angeles ever since. In recent years, she has presented work with The LA Municipal Art Gallery, Nicodim Gallery, Jeffrey Deitch, HILDE, Big Pictures and the LA County Arts Commission. The primary objective of her practice is to advocate for the peaceful evolution and spiritual elevation of humankind.⁠


Quantum mechanics gives new insight into the Gibbs Paradox
Published by Physics World
Written by Lisa Tse
Mar. 20, 2021

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To learn more about our relationship to technology, and how to cultivate healthy boundaries with our devices, visit

Also, a wonderful resource is their podcast : “Your Undivided Attention” which investigates how we might reimagine and redesign digital platforms and the algorithms that govern them, to reduce polarization and support the positive evolution of society.⁠

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Your Undivided Attention

A company will pay you $2,400 to stay away from screens for 24 hours
Published by CNN
Written by Maria Morava and Scottie Andrew
Mar. 21, 2021

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2021 COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) The new relief package contains a provision to provide emergency rental & utilities relief for up to 12-15 months. Applications open March 30, 2021 and will prioritize renters currently behind on payments. Direct link to apply in bio. Applications close April 30, 2021.⁠

LA’s Second COVID-19 Renters Relief Program to Open to the Public March 30
Published by NBC Los Angeles
Mar. 23, 2021

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Xend Finance is Bringing DeFi Services to Africa
Published by Decrypt
Written by Jason Nelson
Mar. 22, 2021

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In my high vision there would be FREE housing. But this is a start.⁠

3D-printed homes build hope for U.S. affordable housing
Published by Thomas Reuters Foundation
Written by Carey L. Biron
Feb. 15, 2021

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A rallying cry at today’s early morning protest contesting the forced eviction of the unhoused community at Echo Park Lake: We Need Long Term Solutions⁠

Echo Park Lake Homeless Community on Closure: ‘This Won’t Be Easy’
Published by LAist
Written by Libby Denkmann
Mar. 24, 2021

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How was this not already the case?⁠

Equality Act Would Extend Civil Rights Laws To LGBTQ People Throughout U.S.
Published by NPR
Written by Victoria Hansen
Mar. 24, 2021

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In Likely First, Chicago Suburb of Evanston Approved Reparations for Black Residents
Published by NPR
Written by Rachel Treisman
Mar. 23, 2021

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Scientists unlock the ‘Cosmos’ on the Antikythera Mechanism, the world’s first computer
Published by
Written by Ben Turner
Mar. 24, 2021

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A Roadmap Away from ‘Cancel Culture’ and Towards Transformative Justice
Published by KQED
Written by Nastia Voynovskaya
Mar. 9, 2021

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“The deal was crafted with an intense focus on making amends in communities impacted by the decades-long war on drugs. Millions of dollars in tax revenue from cannabis sales would be reinvested in minority communities each year, and a sizable portion of business licenses would be reserved for minority business owners.”

New York Reaches a Deal to Legalize Recreational Marijuana
⁠Published by the New York Times
Written by Luis Ferré-Sadurní
Mar. 25, 2021

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Travelers caught with gold under toupees, hidden in their socks’
Published by Fox News
Written by Michael Hollan
Mar. 23, 2021

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What is the relationship between food insecurity and capitalism? An illuminating look into the history of agriculture and the commodification of food from one of my favorite podcasts, Upstream. Their entire archive is incredible- especially recommended are “Debunking the Myth of Homo Economicus” and their two part series “Worker Cooperatives - Widening Spheres of Democracy.”⁠

Eric Holt-Gimenez on Food and Capitalism (In Conversation)
Published by Upstream

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California Supreme Court ends cash bail for some defendants who can’t afford it
Published by KTLA
Written by Associated Press
Mar. 25, 2021

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A year ago, as the coronavirus began to spread across Maryland, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby stopped prosecuting drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic violations and other low-level offenses, a move aimed at curbing Covid-19's spread behind bars.

That shift — repeated by prosecutors in many other cities — didn’t just reduce jail populations. In Baltimore, nearly all categories of crime have since declined, confirming to Mosby what she and criminal justice experts have argued for years: Crackdowns on quality-of-life crimes are not necessary for stopping more serious crime.

Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes
Published by NBC News
Written by Jon Schuppe
Mar. 26, 2021

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In a landmark auction, PleasrDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) formed spontaneously and specifically for the purpose of purchasing @Pplpleasr’s NFT on Foundation, paves the way for decentralized collective funding. All proceeds will be allocated to organizations supporting the #StandWithAsians movement. This collectively owned NFT is an innovative expression of the reimagining of our societal value system; what we care about, and how we meaningfully offer support. The blockchain is granting us the technological means to express that shift and participate in shaping new systems of governance and the allocation of resources.

An Ad for Uniswap Just Sold for $525,000 as an NFT
Published by Decrypt
Written by Eken Genç
Mar. 27, 2021

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