The Artist News Network is an art practice, a curated news platform and a growing archive for collective critical consumption of the news. Because we read better together. 

Max Rippon (b. 1983, New York City) founded the Artist News Network in January 2020 after more than a decade of researching digital news media as the foundation for his paintings and video works. The current iteration of his practice invites other artists and creatives to share stories as guest curators of the news and build an online collective record of current events.

He publicly performs this archiving process daily on his Instagram, Twitter, and here on the project’s website. Rippon then creates meticulous paintings, drawings, and other works as physical archives of the digital media collected through this collaborative research. At the heart of Rippon’s work is a philosophy of art-as-archive and archive-as-art.

He has recently exhibited these works at  SPRING/BREAK Art Show in Los Angeles, Santa Moncia Art Museum, Sotheby’s NYC, Wonzimer Gallery and Rusha and Co. in LA. He received his BFA from Washington University and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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For art or curator requests, press inquiries, or to submit a story, please contact